What we offer

Our experienced staff will aid you with the paperwork and legal issues of your trip to Ukraine as well as all other arrangements.

Visa Arrangements. Company and business registration. Legal and accounting services. Administrative assistance. You are provided with full support.

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Migration Support

A residence permit takes away the hassle of travel visa formalities, giving you the freedom to travel to your country and back without continuously going through the paperwork. With our experience on your side this will be something you don’t have to worry about.

Travel Assistance

The Ukrainian Visa will let you travel, set up a business and reside in Ukraine with minimal restrictions. We have a wide variety of visa packages suitable for any needs, starting from short term tourism and up to residence permits.

Company registration

Ukraine is one of the European countries with newly born investment opportunities since the lift of the visa regime with the Shengen zone and gradual integration of Ukraine in to the EU. So now is the best time to consider business in Ukraine, and we are there to help.

Full Assistance

We are capable and ready to support you in all the administrative matters, such as vehicle registration, real estate operations and social services.

We are the right partner

We plan an optimal course for our client's stay here in Ukraine, to ensure the most efficiency and help steer away from any . We are effective, we’re competent, we see your goal, know how to make it real, and our fees are affordable.

Happy Clients

Years of experience

Qualified employees

Ukraine immigration services

Our experienced legal team will obtain a Ukraine residence permit for you. A Ukrainian migration programs grants you the right to move freely into Ukraine, you could travel throughout the country without any limits.

There's no need for you to waste your time in immigration office queues and talk to Ukrainian clerks. We'll prepare you the optimal course of action to secure your right to travel, live, work and conduct business legally in Ukraine.

Go2Ukr Team

We are more than a facilities travel management company.

We consistently build value. The Go2Ukr Team is consisting of people who have hands on experience for a decade and more in the field of travel, migration and residence support, as well as other trivia administrative tasks and also advice in Business set up in Ukraine and UAE.

*Professionalism -

At Go2Ukr, we understand that organizations are looking for responsive managers that will offer excellent service consistently and that’s why we focus so much on training about private tourism.

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